Louisville, KY

Louisville! Contrary to popular opinion, it is not named after King Louis XIV of France, but rather King Louis XVI. One must also avoid pronouncing it Frenchly. The first (and last) time I said LOO-ee-vill resulted in yours truly being scorned and derided by the otherwise kind people of Louisville.

“How should I then pronounce it?” asks Francis Schaeffer, who happens to be passing.

Nice, Francis. Well, the correct pronunciation happens to be ˈluːǝvǝl.


We arrived fairly late and spent the evening with our ascerbically-witted host, Josh Mather. He was great — a skilled metalworker with a well-trained Australian cattle dog (a relative rarity).

Our "couches" in Loovull.

We had a rollicking good night hitting up a local, and I got to meet many of Josh’s friends and acquaintances, setting up a session for the next day in the process.

The Next Day

You work at a nationally famous restaurant famous for tacky lamps. Your restaurant is having a jingle contest among the employees, with sweet prizes and stuff. You have written a sweet jingle, but you have no idea how to record it so you can enter it in the contest. One night, you’re out at the bar and you meet a dude who is traveling the country with thousands of dollars worth of recording equipment in his trunk.

This story really happened, but in a non-RPG-dialogue kind of way (i.e. to someone else who is not you). So what do you think was the upshot?

The upshot

This is Isaac Bowman. He wrote a fun little jingle about Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, the restaurant where he works. So, lacking any instruments, we started recording a snappy acapella rendition of his jingle. Singing is not his bag, or at least not one of his major bags, so it was mostly up to me to sing in all the parts to fit with his melody. Together we worked up a pretty sweet arrangement for it. I had a lot of fun.

Then, we were off to West Virginia. On our way there, we saw a lot of horses. Sorry Melissa, I didn’t get any shots of them.

But oh my goodness! This really exists!

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