Zach Is Hit!

I’ve been hit! It’s true, yesterday I got rear-ended. Just what I needed at the beginning of a nationwide roadtrip, eh? It was raining and Minneapolis is pretty much a war zone, with the amount of construction that is going on. Seriously, I think they had to recruit extra help in the factories, to manufacture enough orange barrels to meet demand.

Back to our story. So I was on the detour around 35W (they’re getting close to repairing the bridge that collapsed from that earthquake a while back), and some young guy was probably gawking at the bridge construction progress, when he suddenly realized that a Lovemobile was stopped in front of him. Brake. Slide. Bang! Slide. Bang!

Two slide-bangs? Yeah, the impact sent me skidding into the rear bumper of the car in front of me. I felt like a domino in the Domino Rally of life. (Anyone remember Domino Rally?)

I realize you are probably highly concerned, and wondering if my car is ok. Well, mostly everything looks fine, but the rear bumper is pushed in a ways on the lower half. (Again, I’ll post a picture once I’m able to connect to the internet using Lappie.) I didn’t see anything wrong with the front, thankfully.

Of course, friends and family and all those who know me more intimately are probably even more concerned about all my expensive recording equipment. Allow me to reassure you that when I used all my stuff today, it all worked fine — even the interface, which had been in the trunk.

Also, other than a stiff and sore neck, I’m doing fine too.

I’ll call my agent Monday and figure out what I should do about the bumper/neck/etc. I could probably sue for damages and get rich! But I would feel like a jerk, so I don’t really consider that an option.

In recording news: My first two days have been highly unproductive as far as recording stuff, but highly productive in terms of meeting old friends and setting things up. I’ve got loads of sessions coming up, and, oddly enough, loads of gigs. I’ll be playing for several churches, and drumming for several events at Taste of Minnesota. Exciting!

I suppose getting hit was just reaping what I sow, after hitting the road so enthusiastically in my previous post. Those of you who believe in karma no doubt are nodding knowingly. Those of you who don’t believe in anthropomorphizing roads, however, probably think that’s a bunch of baloney.

Until next time, I’m Zach Bardon, and enjoy our Wild America.