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Help Me Pay For My Gas!

During the Tour, I spent $3778.73 on gas. So far donations have covered $510 of that amount. Thanks for any help!

Here’s Where You Write Your Spiffy Message

    * Optional. But if you don’t include it, I can’t reply to you unless you include contact info somewhere in your message.

    Tons of great reasons to hit me up:

    • Maybe you want to be on my album. That’s very likely if you have your own recording equipment, because I’m always open to adding more cool parts to the project, but unfortunately for you I have finished the Tour and won’t be coming back to the US for a while. If you have your own equipment and might be up for some long-distance digital recording collaboration, definitely hit me up.
    • Maybe you want me to stay at your house. Awesome, when I get back from Korea I will totally stay at your house, although I’m done touring so it would just be like a vacation. Vacation at your house!
    • Maybe you know someone or something that absolutely has to be on my CD. A killer musician. An amazing-sounding object. Totally share that hook-up. Right now.
    • Maybe you want to help me buy some gas, since this Tour has become quite costly due to the high gas prices. At this point, I’m quite a ways in the hole and almost all of that hole was dug by gas. Metaphorically.

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