I’ll definitely record anything and I can still use the typical rhythm section instruments and vocals, but here are some special things I’m looking for in particular.

  • horns (trumpet, trombone, french/english horns, alto/tenor/bari sax, etc.)
  • spoons
  • a “wise professor”-type voice, and/or Morgan Freeman soundalike
  • tapdancing
  • slide whistle
  • saw
  • awesome-sounding toys, especially robots
  • a barbershop quartet
  • people who do crazy drum loops and programming and stuff
  • digeridoo
  • an occasionally snorting and shuffling horse, ideally next to a crackling campfire
  • either a campfire OR a horse, separately
  • a complete bluegrass band that would like to learn and record a song live with me
  • rainstick
  • vibraphone / marimba / other mallet instruments
  • harmonica
  • a lawnmower

If you do any of this, or know anyone who does, don’t hesitate (or hebetate, for that matter) — drop me a line!

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