But You Don’t Go!

Those of you who are super attentive have probably noticed already: the departure date has been shifting back. I was afraid this would happen, but I was also pretty sure it would as more things kept happening that were not in my plan. Some factors include:

  • Delay installing the carputer in my car.
  • Taking my grandmother to eat some delicious Korean food.
  • Delay fixing the A/C and cruise control in my car.
  • Moving my 50-gallon aquarium from a babysitter’s to a temporary owner’s.
  • A final rehearsal with my Serbian band.
  • Delay procuring sound system components for my car.
  • And this one just in: my 10-year high school reunion is in Omaha this coming weekend.

“OMG,” says a nearby person who speaks in acronyms. “WTF? LOCIE!” Other than remarking that the last acronym is made up, I completely ignore that person.

“Oh my goodness,” says a nearby person who speaks normally. “What in the world? Lots of car issues, eh?” Yes.

Let us now discuss some of these factors. Or, just let me.

Serbian Band
I’ve been drumming for a Serbian band, playing Serbian pop and folk music with more electric instrumentation (it’s pretty sweet, I’m the token non-Serbian). I’ve planned the Tour around gigs with the Serbian band; I’ll hit Omaha (or sometimes KC) just in time for gigs, then launch on the next Leaf. Again, pretty sweet.

My Grandmother
is great. When I got back from Korea she wanted to go eat Korean food with me, since I had been extolling the virtues of delicious Korean food. This has not yet happened. It shall and it must.

My 10-year High School Reunion
is this weekend. In Omaha. I really ought to go to it. I had a small graduating class of 36 and was quite close with many of them, and friendly with the rest. It shall be a two-day extravanganza, with feasting on Italian food and recreating at Mahoney State Park and who knows what else. I am going to go and enjoy my friends and avoid reflecting on how old I am and all the things I haven’t accomplished yet. Sound good?

My car
Until now, faithful blog readers, I have remained mute on the subject of my car. This is because my car is awesome and deserves its own post.

NEXT POST: my car.

2 thoughts on “But You Don’t Go!

  1. Excuses, excuses …

    You know, I sneaked up on a certain friend/co-worker today on the stairs and scared the living crap out of her. Fell to her knees on the stairwell. I thought she might be having a heart-attack. You’d have appreciated the extreme ninja skills with which the attack was carried out. Good times!

    Have I mentioned lately how I wish I were roadtripping with you? You could probably use ninja skills of my caliber on your journey.

    Anyway, have fun at your reunion. I avoid all of mine, but that’s because I hate where I’m from and most of the people still there. Soul trap!

    And now you know you have at least one regular reader. 😉

  2. I am certainly in need of some ninja skills for the tour, my friend. My personal ninja skills are passable at best (I’m really good at rooftops though). Perhaps you could join for a short time and instruct me.

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