The Amazing Rhode Island!

This island is actually physically attached to the continental landmass, i.e. it is not an island. Amazing!

As with all drives in New England, this too was scenic, as is evidenced by this too-late shot of an amazing scene that recently passed by on a huge bridge.

Quick, get the camera!  Wake up!  The camera is in the back!  Sigh...

We spent a pleasant night in Providence with our host, a fun girl named Laura Bridge. Next morning, we were off to Warren, where we met up with a homey by the name of Adrian. Now, this particular homey happened to be very good at playing guitars. So we took some of his guitars and went into this house which he and his father are busy restoring/renovating.

The stuff all set up.

Adrian happened to be very good at playing guitar, so it’s awesome that he happened to have guitars and I happened to have recording equipment.

So, in this part I want you to play some notes...

For the last Loop I didn’t have mic stands. This time around I’ve been noticing a lack of music stands.

Real musicians use Rubbermaid music stands.

It was a good time.

Those notes you played are great!

NEXT: An island that really is an island!