Columbus, OH

Christopher Columbus! That intrepid explorer of yore had absolutely nothing to do with the wonderful day I spent in Columbus with some old college pals of mine.

“Who are these pals?” asks AG perfunctorily.

Haha, you’re so cute when you do things perfunctorily, AG. To answer your question, these pals were Nathan and Rachel Laing. Nathan and I were in a healthy smattering of music classes together back at NCU. He enjoys large words (such as “penultimate” and even “perfunctorily”), spelling with z’s (as in, “wazzup friendz?”), and music.

“Is that it?”

I’m sure he also has many other hobbies. I would also like to mention that he got a piano that had been in a fire for dirt cheap just because it had been in a fire, even though it was not damaged at all.

Nathan's $1000 smoked Baldwin.

Nice. So Nathan and his hilarious wife Rachel (seriously, she’s great) and JH and I had a delightful dinner (Nathan grilled up some delectable chicken with an equally delectable butter basil sauce), during which we shot many large holes in the breeze, and caught up to the best of our ability.

After that, it was time to record! Nathan is a pianist and guitarist with very clean playing. Seriously, I have always admired the cleanliness of his playing. So I had him lay down some nice guitar parts for several tunes.

Nathan rockin' the pop.

One time, he played a wrong note and I had to show him the correct note.

It's this one.  This one right here.

Nathan generously stayed up late to finish up another song, and then it was late. Too late. So, we were done. I was happy and Nathan was really angry because he was tired. Look how angry he is:

Doesn't he look angry?  Well, he is.

And that was my stay in Columbus. Delightfulness all around.

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