Bear, DE

In Delaware I met up with a drummer who contacted me about recording named Arsean Cannon II. He was a great guy, and even offered to put me up when he heard I didn’t have a place to stay yet.

Arsean (pronounced ar-SEEN) had experience drumming for gospel music in churches, and he also drums for a Latin band around the area. His business card is that of a drummer, so with all of those in his favor I was not surprised to see that he also plays a Risen kit.

Something to record and a place to stay -- the ideal scenario.

Perhaps I should get some kind of sponsorship with Risen, since Risen drums are basically the only drums on my project (Matthew Tobias plays Risen drums too). Hmmm. And looking at their website, I realized that while I was in Minneapolis, I played a gig with Steve Goold, who is featured on their website. I never expected to run into so many Risen guys on this tour.

Anyway, I had a great time recording Arsean, he contributed some sounds that were refreshingly different from the more pop/rock sounds I had mostly recorded so far. In particular he was all over one of my songs that has an Afro-Cuban 6/8 rhythm, which he gave more of a 12/8 feel. It worked, and sounded quite tasty.

Arsean, drummer.

You’ll note that now that JH has gone, there will be fewer pictures. I constantly forget; it’s terrible. Anyone want to join up and be my photographer/roadie for a bit?

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