Cincinnati, OH / Covington, KY

En route to Cincinnati, I saw this great sign:


Also en that same route, my host called and said she was going to a drum circle / tribal dancing something-or-other, could I meet her there?

“So wait, you want me to meet you at a place where a bunch of people are drumming together?”

So that was a done deal. It was actually across the river from Cincinnati in Covington, Kentucky. I went there, met a bunch of drummers and dancers, told them a bit about the project, and set up my microphones.

Microphones set up: check.

The drumming went on for several hours. I was even able to drum with them. Good times were had by all.

Good times being had by all. More good times being had by all. They are rolling, these good times. No seriously, they were pretty good times. Closeup of good times being had by just me. Good Times and the Case of the Three Drummers You don't even want to know how good these times were.

Several of the dancers could wield swords using their heads.

Dancer, With Sword Poise! Grace! Swords!

After the good times were over (or rather, that particular type of good time was over), I met up with my host (who was also hosting another Couchsurfer named Gary that night in addition to JH and myself), Frances. She was fun and a gracious host. We went to some dude’s house with a crazy cat and then went to her place and called it a night.

It's a night!

Next morning, we played with random wind instruments

What time is it?  Random woodwind time.

before finally saying goodbye.

Other Couchsurfer Gary, host Frances, and cool dude me.

And again.

Excuse me serviceman, can you tell me how to operate this Korean's backpack?

So I went to leave, only to find that my car had been parked in by


Bat Bug (with its loyal owner) is the scourge of the roads!

Anyone who a) knows me , b) knows their Calvin and Hobbes, or 3) was a member of my clan in the Storm Knights can easily guess that that made my day.

NEXT: Horses! Jingles! Frommage!

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