"My play was a complete success. The audience was a failure." -Ashleigh Brilliant, writer (1933- )

A Parody of Pride and Prejudice - Here's an English assignment. Laeton and I did this as a puppet show. He took care of the stage, I made the puppets. And I guess I wrote the play too. It contains more inside jokes than anything else I have ever written (vocab words, class notes, other stuff), but fortunately most of them were inside the whole class. I recruited some people from other classes to come perform it for the English class. We did great. Everyone loved the Joe Ranne lines, even Joe himself.

CAST: Mr. Williams - Paul Coker, Mrs. Williams - Lindsay Lutterman, Narrator - Zach Bardon (me), Anne Williams - Molly Welsh (also my wife in Music Man), Gordon Pendleton - Adam Patton, Fritz Little - Laeton Boschult, Doctor Helms - Laeton Boschult, Joe Ranne - me.

CHEER - This is sort of a classic. This little one-act was the beginning of all my dialogues. I wrote it in my computer programming II class. Adam and I auditioned for the school play with this. Adam played Amy, I played Jon, and Kevin had a cameo as Bob. We both got parts.

Goats - Ha ha! Is it just me, or are goats really funny?

When Life Hands You Lemons - I wrote this play for my playwriting class my sophomore year in college. It's more serious (and longer) than most of my other dialogues, so if your primary purpose is to be amused and not to enjoy some good characters and their respective journeys, read the other ones. I wrote this using PlayRite.

Traffic - Another programming class dialogue. I would always find people in the halls after school (programming was 8th period) and have them come in and play parts in whatever I wrote. This one ends rather abruptly, because I never finished it, then decided I liked how it ended.

A Hollywood Badguy in Britain - My messed-up wit at its corniest. If you are a perfectionist, this dialogue will annoy you, because everyone is so STUPID! Miscommunication runs rampant.

Lady Marigold - Over Christmas break, my sister and I wrote a dialogue in PlayRite. My playwriting professor said it reminded him of a Blackadder sketch. I took this as a high compliment.

Leopold - Here's one I wrote during yearbook. Nice little set of lines at the beginning, after that, it disintegrates into a random flow of strangeness. Laeton decided to help me out, and since I didn't decide to finish it, I figured "what the heck" and left his addition on there.

FAME - The first tragedy I have written. It makes its point in a humorous way. Nontraditional dialogue.The Compendium

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