JON: So, Amy, ready for the big game on Friday?
AMY: It's on Thursday, Jon.
JON: No, it's on Friday.
AMY: Yes, I am ready.
JON: Good.
AMY: What's that supposed to mean?
JON: What?
AMY: You said "good," like "Boy, do they ever need to be ready."
JON: All I'll say is that you cheerleaders really have been pathetic.
AMY: What a rude thing to say!
JON: Oh, and have you learned any new cheers?
AMY: Shut up, Jon.
JON: It seems like you only know two.
AMY: You are, like, so rude!
JON: Sometimes the truth hurts, Amy.
AMY: Look Jon, sometimes an angry cheerleader hurts more.
JON: What?
(sound of angry cheerleader punching confused nerd)
JON: OUCH! What was that for?
AMY: We know three cheers.
JON: Oh, three, huh? Ooohh, BIG improvement! Three whole cheers!
AMY: Shut up!
JON: Hey, three cheers for you! Ha ha! Get it? Three cheers!
AMY: Why are you acting like such a jerk?
JON: I don't know. I was just punched in the face.
AMY: So?
JON: I often tend to be meek, kind, and calm after I've been punched.
AMY: What?
JON: Just kidding. What are you, stupid?
AMY: And that's another thing that ticks me off! Stupid nerds like you who should know better still have a stereotype of cheerleaders.
JON: You just proved mine.
AMY: Don't EVER make fun of me again, Jon!
JON: Why not?
AMY: Look, John! I don't care if you think cheerleaders are all mitzy-
JON: That's "ditzy."
AMY: SHUT UP! I knew that!
JON: Sure you did.
AMY: That's the first smart thing you've said all day.
BOB: Hi Amy.
AMY: Bob, are cheerleaders dumb?
BOB: What's your GPA?
AMY: YOU BIG DUMB GEEK! Shut up, all of you! I refuse to hear that cheerleaders are dumb!
JON: Cheerleaders are dumb.
AMY: What?
JON: I said cheerleaders are dumb.
AMY: I can't hear you!
JON: Amy, shut up. Your uniform is on backwards.
AMY: What?
JON: No seriously, it's on backwards.
AMY: I don't want to look!
JON: I'm not kidding.
AMY: If you're kidding, Jon, I'll - IT IS NOT ON BACKWARDS!!!
JON: Made you look!!
JON: Hey, did you know that there are footprints on the ceiling?
AMY: I'm not falling for it again!
JON: No, really, there are.
AMY: You can't get me twice! Good bye, you big jerk!
BOB: Hey, Jon, there really are footprints on the ceiling!
JON: Of course there are.
AMY: What?The Compendium

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