New Jersey

Kae and JH with the Lovemobile.

One of JH’s friends from Capitol Court had just transferred to a school in New Jersey, so we had promised to meet up with her when we got there. As it happens, that’s all that happened in Jersey. I had no contacts from my ads. I’m behind enough that I don’t remember exactly, but maybe there were no ads, or maybe they were really short notice. This may be the point at which I recruited the help of some amazingly awesome people to help me stay on top of that.

These amazing people are:

Melissa Gayley, my favorite sister.
And: Stephanie Bardon, my other favorite sister.

They deserve mad public props (that’s “serious public appreciation” for those of you without linguiztic skilz) for their efforts. Thank you, my most excellent sisters!

Back to our story. We met up with Kae Miller, a cheerful and friendly girl from Japan, whom I had only met for a short time once before in Omaha. We had a good time hanging out with her, once we eventually found a place that was open that we could go to (thank goodness for 24-hour American diners).

Me, appearing shorter than I really am in order to fit in the frame.

That night, we headed toward Philadelphia, which was to be our next stop, and JH’s last.

NEXT: The departure of Jong Hun.

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