"Everything's got a moral, if you can only find it." -Lewis Carroll

The Story of the Varicolored Riding Hoods - Here's a fun screwed-up fairy tale I wrote over spring break 2000 following my usual approach: not having a clue where you are going to go when you start writing.

The Horse Troll - Now here is another little fairy tale I wrote over spring break 2001.

A Tale - Here is an allegory about something that actually happened to me at college. I almost called it a "fairy tale" but then I realized there are no fairies in it. Special thanks to Irene Luc for helping inspire the story.

The Lost Otulet - This was the inventive and groundbreaking story that defined an entire genre of stories. The Poacher Guy and several other stories which did not make it to the Compendium are part of that genre. I really don't know what to call them. You might call them "stupid." I guess I'll call it the "Otulet" genre.

Pretty - This is a story I wrote spontaneously in an email to my friend Pam in August 2001. Just made it up as I went. I like it, I think you will too. I feel certain there is a deeper meaning to this, somehow...

The Poacher Guy - I wrote this for my freshman English class in high school. I have no idea why. This falls into the "Otulet" genre. I mainly included it here because it's just a fun story.

The Saga of the Taurus of Love - an allegorical fairy tale (without fairies) that I up and wrote in an email to my friend Sue Mi in August 2001 to tell her about what happened to my car.

The Tale of the Gourd-Hoard - Once, in May of 2002, I was on the phone with Sue Mi Kim, and I asked her to tell me a story. Here is my retelling of that wonderful Korean fairy tale that she made up as she went.

The Talking Mirror Fish - a story I randomly wrote to my friend Stephanie Shintani over IM in May of 2002 while she was reading bedtime stories to her little brother.

The Danna and Haniel Story - One night I was chatting online with Sue Mi's brother Daniel and their cousin Hanna, both somewhere in the vicinity of 10 years old. I decided to tell them a story. I wrote them this. Then, afterwards:

Me: I think I will put this up on my web page, and you can go there and be like "Look! there's the Daniel and Hanna story! He wrote that story for us!"
Me: haha, fine; we'll compromise. I shall call it "The Danna and Haniel Story."

Hubert the Lion Hunter - During my junior year of high school, I got bored in yearbook, so I would write dumb little stories. Here is a sample.The Compendium

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