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What Is It?
Did you know that although there are hundreds of thousands of words in English, 50% of actual usage is made up of the most common 100 words, and 80% uses only 3000 words? That's not to say the rest are useless; on the contrary, it's the less common words that do the heavy lifting and provide most of the meaning: the rest is largely filler.

That's why Zach made the Vocabularium -- to help you think beyond those 100 or even 3000 words into the words that matter. The Vocabularium is a place to help you develop your personal vocabulary. By following the rules and having fun challenging yourself, you can help your brain think beyond its usual lexicon into those more meaningful words that you know, but seldom use.

How It Works
The Vocabularium simply keeps a list of the words you know. Once you create an account, you can enter in words one by one and watch your vocabulary grow!

The Nitty Gritty
For more detailed information about the various parts of the Vocabularium, keep your eyes open. Next to many parts of the Vocabularium you'll see this: Help. You can always click that for more information.

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(1 Nov 2006)
New sitelet: The Vocabularium!
Launched the newest sitelet on the Metapage: the Vocabularium! Mean more.

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