8.17.2007 ** More Hilarious Student Blunders!
* Just added the second batch of Korean student English quotes in the Quotebook. They're great!

5.20.2007 ** Real Student Blunders
* A new chapter "My English students" in the Quotebook. Some great stuff.

9.16.2006 ** Lots of new quotes
* New chapters in the Quotebook -- "Music" and "Love and Misery."

3.17.2006 ** New picture catalogue "Cloning Gone Awry"
* New picture catalogue: "Cloning Gone Awry"

8.20.2005 ** A smarter world
* Converted all the picture catalogues to use PHP! That means most of the pictures have captions now, and the ones that don't, you can write your own! Fun! Plus, there's a new catalogue: "Scanner Art." Check it!

4.11.2005 ** How to Talk Like a Pirate
* Added Lesson #2, How To Talk Like A Pirate, to the How to Talk Good tutorial!

3.24.2004 ** More improvements
* Restructured Quotebook and Survey Archives, and added some quotes!

3.23.2004 ** Introducing ... Sam Leo
* Hear Sam Leo read the Seat Cushion Announcement!

2.4.2004 ** New picture catalogue "Signs"
* Added a "Signs" picture catalogue in Personal Stuff

1.7.2004 ** Renovated ***PERSONAL STUFF***
* Renovated "Personal Stuff" page

7.26.2003 ** New mottos and new survey
* Some great new mottos, and a new survey in Personal Stuff

7.1.2003 ** More quotes
* Still more quotes in the quotebook

5.16.2003 ** New quotes
* Added a batch of quotes to the quotebook

1.19.2003 ** New quotes
* Some new quotes in the quotebook