Not only is wine tasty, but it is good for you (in moderation), plus it also displays culture and refined taste. I would have to say on the whole, I tend to prefer red wines over blushes and whites, and blush over most whites as well. I suppose some connoisseurs would lambaste me about that issue, but oh well, I can use the word "lambaste" casually in a sentence.

I pretty much like every kind other than:
Cabernet sauvignon - Generally, this wine is too much for me. Rarely, I am in the mood for it with some kind of heavy beef meal, but I would almost always prefer a different red wine.
Chardonnay - Too dry for my taste, especially with other good whites available. Unfortunately, these are very typical wines in the broad categories "red" and "white." Sigh.

So far, I think Italian wines are my favorites, particularly Sangiovese or any blend thereof. I also have a soft spot for white zinfandel. Lambaste me if you dare.
Favorite white to date: Pinot Grigio