"What is Cool?"

Welcome to the Official Zach-Approved Headquarters, the only place to find out what is truly cool. This site is not a comprehensive list of all that is cool, but rather a somewhat random list of some cool things.

What is "Zach-Approved"? What does it mean? Well, I'll tell you. It means, plain and simple, that I like it. If something is Zach-Approved, that means it's 100% guaranteed to be cool. Seriously. Absolutely, positively guaranteed or your money back.*

WARNING: this section of the Metapage is terrifically outdated.

If you know of something cool that deserves to be on the Official Zach-Approved List, let me know. I'll look at it or try it out or simply just believe you, and add it to the List. Or I might do none of those and just not add it to the List.

Enjoy your stay!