Tribal Tech is an amazing cutting-edge fusion band. I must warn you, many people will not necessarily like their music. People who like jazz will say they are too metal-y, people who like metal will find them too jazzy, people who like funk will say they mess around with the beat too much, a lot of people will say they all play too many notes, and people who like pop will not understand them at all. But I love 'em.

Tribal Tech is:

Scott Henderson - electric guitar
Gary Willis - fretless bass
Kirk Covington - drums
Scott Kinsey - keyboards

I like them because to me, they are challenging the existing dimensions of music. They delve on occasion into atonal music, at one point even using a live studio audience as an instrument. Although that may be more of a joke than a "statement." Whatever. Plus they are all virtuosic on their instruments.

A slightly similar band is Liquid Tension Experiment. Although I find that LTE is actually less experimental than is Tribal Tech. They play more notes, but less musically. TT has much greater poetry in their playing than does LTE.

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