Stella by Infra-red High Particle Neutron Beam - This is a Tribal Tech song off their CD "Reality Check." Let me first explain the title. The CD opens with their cover of a jazz standard "Stella by Starlight." Then this is track 2. Ha ha!

You have to hear this song to believe it. It's really kinda wacko. I'm sure there are actually chords for this song, but I sure as heck can't figure them out. Not that I've tried. But you know what I mean.

And holy wow! Kirk Covington astounds me with his drumming on this track. It's assuredly over the top and fairly bombastic, but it is highly skilled bombast. Wow! F'rinstance, there's a place in this song where the drummer and guitarist just up and take a huge random solo. The first few times I heard the song, I thought they were both just flying completely off the handle. Then I began to understand a bit of what was going on... the drums never lose track of the beat. I do unless I am paying an unusual amount of attention to it, but the soloists never do. Anyway. Highly recommended song, if you are brave enough to take it and open-minded enough to try to understand it.