Larrivee guitars are fine handcrafted Canadian guitars. Learn about them on their well-made web site.

List of people I know/have met that use Larrivee guitars:
100 Portraits - I got to play tin whistle with them once. It was cool. Ben Pasley is even mentioned on Larrivee's web site.
This guy Jaren who went to SLU - his Larrivee is the second best sounding acoustic guitar I have ever heard.
Jesse Baumgartner - my former suitemate at NCU has a very nice Larrivee which he let me play sometimes.
Schwa Nelson - a guy who was in my Songwriting II class has one.
Charlie Griffith - This guy from NCU has arguably the nicest sounding guitar I have ever played. And he's a bass major! I would whine about the unfairness except that I was a piano major.