Kells Theme - Still another astounding song from Iona. From their second album (The Book of Kells). I'm told, and by very reliable sources, that Terl Bryant (drummer) plays with two sticks in each hand on this song. They're a little reluctant to do a song in 4/4 (ha ha) so this one they did in 12/8. This song is powerful, impressive and majestic -- regal, there's a word for it -- and has a great instrumental part at the end.


I stand on ground I've walked before to seek the Way
And see the night become the dawn
To show the path the Goose has flown
A time will come and truth reveal
The glory of Eternal God
Jesus the Son, the Living Word
When beauty's colours fade away
And earthly pages find decay
The Word divine, always the same

His Word shall live forever
His Word shall live forever

For the Word is a sword that pierces our heart
And the truth is a light that cuts through the dark
Of this world
Nations shall rise and nations shall fall
Nothing shall stand in the way
Of the Word

(awesome instrumental part)