Inside My Heart - Again, another absolutely rockin' song from Iona. Gotta love it that they can switch off so effortlessly from 5/8 to 6/8! Plus, the lyrics are positively potent, profound and beautiful. And the instrumental section at the end blows me away every time I hear it. A superb worship song.


Quietly You arrived
Never forcing me to choose
Bringing Your perfect light
Into this sunless room.....of mine

So make Your home inside my heart
Fill this empty house of stone
Make Your home inside my heart
Let me dance in the brightness
Of Your throne
Of Your throne

Looking through stained windows
I see a rose on the wall
Thorns that draw blood
From Your face
I hear the agony of Your me

In the stillness of moonlight
I am awakened by Your grace
And the love that glistens
In the tears on Your face.....for me