Villa Fiorita was a charming little mom & pop Sicilian Italian place in downtown Omaha. It didn't look like much on the outside, but inside was great service and even better food. To this day I have yet to taste an Italian dressing to beat their house Italian.

I felt the restaurant deserved more popularity, and took as many people to it as I could. During my senior year of high school, since I had "honors pass" study hall 4th hour, I could head over there for a nice leisurely lunch, or I could sometimes get other "honors pass" folk to join me. Even after I left for college, I took several of my friends there, such as Zach Packett and Dora Lin.

I'm also happy to report that Villa Fiorita was voted "Best Italian Restaurant in Omaha" on the site. Sadly, despite its ability to charm and convince its visitors, it closed down sometime early this century.