Let Everything That Has Breath (by Matt Redman)

("UH OH!" ... *snare drum flam*)

This song is awesome. And the version on the CD (Matt Redman - The Heart Of Worship) is unbeatable, let me just tell you. You may think you have heard the song before, but you haven't heard it if you haven't heard the CD version. First off there are eight drummers, with Iona's drummer Terl Bryant on the set. Secondly there is a gospel choir. Add to that a talented band of veteran musicians. Then hold on.

The song finishes nicely. Except then it's not done. The skilled percussion effects of the eight Psalm Drummers gradually bring up the intensity. The piano here is very nice as the entire band builds to the growing undercurrent of rhythm.. until you know something is about to explode. Then it does. They all come back in and the electric guitar plays a fat lead line over the shouts of Matt Redman and the thundering chorus of grooving drums. Then on top of that the gospel choir kicks back in. It is incredible.


Praise You in the morning,
Praise You in the evening,
Praise You when I'm young and when I'm old.
Praise You when I'm laughing,
Praise You when I'm grieving,
Praise You every season of the soul.

If we could see how much You're worth,
Your power, Your might, Your endless love,
Surely we would never cease to praise!

Let ev'rything that,
Ev'rything that,
Ev'rything that has breath
Praise the Lord!

Praise You in the heavens
Joining with the angels,
Praising You forever and a day.
Praise You on the earth now
Joining with Creation,
Calling all the nations to Your praise.

If they could see how much You're worth,
Your power, Your might, Your endless love,
Surely they would never cease to praise!

(repeat chorus forever)