Cheese: what would the world be without it? Nothing, that's what I say. Photographers would have to say "Say fruit!" to get people to smile, dads would have to make "oily" jokes, and college students would lose over half of their cooking repertoire since they could no longer make mac & cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Let us take this moment to thank and appreciate those nomadic horsemen of prehistory, who roamed the plains of the euro-asiatic land mass, and who, legend has it, first discovered the effect that rennet has on milk (namely, it helps it become cheese). Let us also thank the French, for testing the limits of cheese. Let us thank the Italians, for making really good food that relies heavily on cheese. And let's not forget the Mexicans, for bringing us the tortilla, which can be combined with cheese and many other things, nearly always yielding a tasty result. Let us thank Nicaraguan restaurants for making "fried cheese," the state of Wisconsin for popularizing the "cheese curd," and the millions of cows and goats who have selflessly given their milk for the purpose of cheese-making through the centuries. Amen.