web metapage


- unintentional misspellings
- haplography (leaving something out)
- dittography (putting something twice)

- bonus for complex errors like faulty parallel structure

- outdated stuff
- misspellings in foreign languages
- factual errors

- broken links (I have a program that finds these now)
- broken friend pictures in the Friend Finder

Blah Blah
Zach Says:

That's right, if you find a typo on one of my numerous web pages, unassisted by a spell checker or other outside help, let me know about it and you can get your name on the elite list of Typo Sleuths. The top Typo Sleuth earns the honorary title of Supreme Minister of Typos.

Remember: no using anything to find the errors other than your eyes. I write all my pages without using a spell checker, so you don't get to use one either.

Sleuth Ranking System

Typo1 Point
Grammatical Error1 Point
Broken Link*0.1 Points
Site Error0.5 Points
Complex Grammatical Error1.5 Points
Deliberate Error2 Points

* these can no longer be earned

To your right (and my left) is a list of some officially recognized errors. Of course, there are several intentional errors on this site and I get to decide what is intentional or "stylistic" and what isn't. But I am interested in making this a High Quality Site, so if you find a legitimate error (without any aid), I will be quick to say "Bravo!" and give you a spot among some of the world's most alert readers.

If you clicked here from my main page, I'm sorry -- I was totally kidding about the $50.

SPECIAL NOTE: I have included several deliberate misspellings, sometimes repeatedly, to encourage would-be sleuths. Can you find them? No one has yet.