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The completed terrarium during the time it housed Smee. The plants were nicely sized that year. The year after that they were much more overgrown. You can see the brick we had to use to cover up the hole the stupid grasshoppers ATE in the screen. You can also see one of the hook-and-eye clasps we used to secure the lid on the Jabba annex.

This is the best view of the Addition's zipper. The black thing in that picture is actually a sleeping bag zipper with the screen sewed onto it. This provides minimal restrictions on access to the pond area, while still being Pecik-proof. Also showing up well is Zach's beautiful masonry in front.

The evening summer sun shining on the completed Terrarium.

The doors open (except for the zipper).

Here's the picture from the title page. Notice the iris blooming out the top. This was taken the year after the preceding ones. Also note the much larger elm. The year following this the little tree skyrocketed.

A Narrow Miss. This was a scary occurrance. During a particularly violent Nebraska storm, many branches were knocked down all over. This came very close.

A nice picture from the top. You can see the dead remains of Bruno, the weed tree while it was small, and the peonies while they were small. The Annex was just recently completed. Click on the above picture to enter the Terrarium.