"Wow!" you are thinking. "Zach is great, and I would like to support his burgeoning musical career!" As if we could read your mind, we have here included some ways you can help support Zach as he continues to try and create lots of really good music to move the world.


You can help Zach by promoting him, plain and simple. Some ideas:


Head over to IAC and listen to the latest. The songs are ranked based on listens, and higher-ranked songs are going to get heard by more people. Each song you play or download helps Zach's music reach just a little farther.


Zach's songs are downloadable at IAC for an exceptionally modest price!


This isn't for everyone. But if, perchance, you are a sold-out believer, and want to help out without expecting anything immediate in return except warm fuzzies, talk to us about becoming a sponsor of Zach's music.