Songs of Reflection, Gladness, and Argentinean Tango


Mindy Dahlen

Sue Mi Kim

Matthew Riley

André Rodriguez

E. F. Rogado

performing compositions by

Zach Bardon

I. The Tasty Trio - Impressionist, Romantic, and Modern

Rêves Sombres

Sue Mi Kim, piano

Étude in A Minor

André Rodriguez, piano

Moving Theme for a Melodic Instrument

Mindy Dahlen, melodic instrument

E. F. Rogado, piano


II. Dancing to Chamber Music - Songs of Argentinean Tango


Matthew Riley, piano

Duets for flute and guitar

I. Milonga del Ocaso

II. Mediadía Tango

Mindy Dahlen, flute

Zach Bardon, guitar

III. The Waltz - A Song of Gladness

The Half-Minute Waltz

Matthew Riley, piano

IV. The Magnum Opus


theme and variations

Sue Mi Kim, piano