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Tim Bess


Omaha, NE


Tim and I have a very long history for people who are not best friends in the whole world. It began when Tim was in kindergarten. That's right, kindergarten. Tim wasn't as good at math then as he is now (which is so good that he has worked for banks!), so the school asked me to help him with math every now and then. We continued to know of each other for many years, since we went to the same church.

Fast forward: Summer 2001. I'm working as a youth intern at Emmanuel Fellowship, where Tim also attends. Tim and I finally became better friends at that time due to a love of music and funny things, especially martial arts films and video games. Tim is the best person for funny movie quotes ever.

Speaking of music, Tim is a very skilled keyboardist and trombonist, and recorded with me for my Tour of Love. In addition, he is Craig Fairfax, P.I. for Barry Law and Associates. (long story)

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