Zach Packett's Memorial Peom

Once upon a time, there was a Crown Vic.
It was a cool car, and it was quite slick.

It's tires sucked, but it's brakes were good,
And character gave, my dents in the hood.

It had no hood ornament, which was okay,
And its horn like a donkey did bray.

They didn't work, its power locks,
And it leaked oil like a supertanker on the rocks.

But then, a tragic thing occurred.
It spun a main bearing, and screeched like a bird.

In trying to save it, the owner he rushed.
But even his friends couldn't keep it from being crushed :-(

But it is is gone now, and that is sad.
It will be missed, missed very bad.

But there is one thing that we must let stick:
We'll always remember that cool old Crown Vic.

a tribute by Zach Packett