Ode to a Beloved Item

Although it is brown
It always looks clean.
It's frequently flown,
It's named for a queen.

Would look just the same
If it was just mauled.
Its horn gives it fame.
Its tires are bald.

It rides on a cloud
So soft is its ride.
Barely touches the ground
In effortless glide.

But don't get me wrong;
This thing has got sport.
Its wheelbase is long
But its quarter-time is short.

It turns on a dime;
It barely hesitates.
If you're short on time,
Wow! It accelerates.

I think its sweet,
Some think it is sick.
However you see it,
It's still my Crown Vic.

by Zach Bardon

This peom was written on 4/23/98, before the engine died.