Welcome to the Compendium

Hi, and welcome to my collection of written works, affectionately known as my "Compendium." Here you will find editorials, poems, stories, and dialogues, all of which were penned or typed by my hand. I hope they please you, but if they don't, I will take solace in the fact that they please me. You will also find some exemplary writings of several of my friends.

How to Navigate the Compendium

In the upper right corner are the categories. Clicking one of these categories will cause all works in that category to appear in the quick menu on the right. The first item in that menu will be a link (for example "Editorial List") to a more detailed list which will appear in this window, containing background information on all the works in that category.

While reading a work, if you desire the background information on that particular piece, simply click the title at the top of the work (where it now says "Welcome to the Compendium"). This will take you directly to the information in the more detailed list of that specific work.

How to Eat a Banana

1. Find a banana.
2. Peel it.
3. Take a bite from the fruit.
4. Chew.
5. Swallow.
6. If some of the banana remains, goto step 3.
7. Discard the peel.

Thanks, and enjoy the Compendium!The Compendium

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