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9.14.2007 : Track your reading, mark your faves
Since I was still thinking about it, I just went all out and integrated the metalogin into the Compendium. Now it will track your reading, and allow you to pick your favorites. Whee!

9.12.2007 : A Svelter World
I completely rewrote the Compendium today, again using PHP. As far as your experience is concerned, it's essentially unchanged (although now there's a fun trick when you click the logo), but believe me -- it's super-svelte underneath.

4.29.2007 : Flangitize it!
Added a "Flangitize it!" link at the bottom of the files in the Compendium. It's great!

9.29.2005 : New section in the Compendium
Added a new "Academic" category to the Compendium, containing a bunch of papers and such I've written throughout my academic career. Enjoy!

6.15.2005 : The Compendium... like never before
Revamped the Compendium. It's chic now, with simpler navigation.

11.14.2004 : Two new guest authors
Two new guest authors in the "Friends" section of the Compendium! (Aaron Bannin - "Burgerama", and David Hughes - "How to Cook")

12.24.2003 : New section in the Compendium
Added "Friends" section to the Compendium!

11.5.2003 : New editorial "Communication Avenue"
New editorial "Communication Avenue" in the Compendium, and a few more quotes.

10.27.2003 : New story "The Day the Sun Stopped Shining"
New story "The Day the Sun Stopped Shining" in the Compendium

2.4.2003 : New poem "Birdsong"
New poem "Birdsong" in the Compendium