Academic Writings List

College - General

Farmer Giles: Hero by Deed Only

Radical Environmentalists: Who Are These People And What Are They Doing Here?

History is Plural: An Analysis of Simon Schama's Dead Certainties

Don't Say That!: Verbal Taboos in Society

Pain and Joy in the Shadowlands

Edward Abbey: Musings to Meanings

Is Toby Still Jack?

Augustus and Suetonius: Historians?

College - Christian Thought

William Seymour and the Original Pentecostal Movement

Comments on Jeremiah’s "Confessions"

More Is Less: An Analysis of Syncretism and "Other Gods" in Jeremiah

The Philippians Christology

Worship With Woe: The Place of Praise and Lament in the Psalter

The Spirit-Filled Life

On Initial Physical Evidence(s)