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The most important person in my life is Jesus Christ. That's right, I am a Christian. God has transformed my life and given me purpose and meaning in life. It's awesome, and I'm still amazed that God, who made the Universe, loves me and wants to be my friend. I don't know whether or not you have a purpose in life, or any long-term goals that you are passionate about, but if you don't and you are looking for meaning in life, I'd like you to at least consider Jesus as a saviour, master, and friend. I've fallen in love with Him, and He wants to know you too.

My being a Christian means two things: First it means that I believe there is one God and only one God who is all-powerful and all-knowing, and that He loved all of humanity so much that he sent His son Jesus to earth as a man. Jesus lived a completely sinless life but was crucified on a Roman cross, an excruciating and torturous death. He was willing to die, to lay down everything, because of his great love for you and me. In that moment, he took all the sin of every person on himself. He paid the penalty for my sin, your sin, everyone's sin. But because He was sinless, he conquered sin and death -- three days after He died, He resurrected. He is still alive today, and He wants to have a relationship with every person on Earth, and to enjoy that relationship forever.

But Christianity isn't just a set of beliefs. It's not just a religion. It is a decision, a choice, a surrender, a lifestyle, and a relationship. That's the second thing. My being a Christian means I have personally made the decision to accept God's gift of salvation from my sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus, to accept the fact that Jesus died in my place. I chose to ask Jesus to forgive me of all my sins, and surrendered my entire life to Him, inviting Him to come take over my life. Now He governs my actions, my conversations, my friendships... but He is a much better governor of my life than I was! Now each day I seek to know Him better. He has rescued me from my sin and its consequences so He is my saviour. He is ruler of my life so He is my lord. But more than that, He is my best friend. It's a great relationship.

If you don't know Jesus, and you'd like to or you're interested, click here.