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Many things don't work yet. For example the above search form. If you have a comment or suggestion about this site, please visit the Script Registry thread.

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A Very Special Message from Zarqon:

Like KoL & KoLmafia, Script Registry is free. I do not accept extra-KoL donations for my work, since I would prefer you support the developers of the two previous apps first.

I do accept in-KoL donations, however! If you would like to donate something to me, you can either a) get me a Mr. A, which also supports KoL, or 2) help me become BAT KING OF THE WORLD! Of course, meat is also appreciated.

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There are currently 124 scripts by 22 authors registered.

January 21, 6:44pm
HackandStabby used the script witchess.ash by digitrev.

January 21, 5:37pm
Tekkaj used the script campground.ash by bale.

January 21, 5:15pm
Macdaddy used the script Monster Manuel Improvement by bale.

January 21, 3:41pm
RoidRage used the script PorkFuture.ash by guyy.

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4. Auto-Flavour    December 20, 12:37am
5. EldritchIncursions.ash    October 31, 10:28am
6. UberPvPOptimizer.ash    July 6, 7:36am
7. crimbo2015.ash    May 30, 6:50am
8. extraction    April 30, 8:25am
9. witchess.ash    April 25, 11:47am
10. notifySummary.ash    April 25, 11:47am

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